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Marc Secoy

yte_smallYour Town Entertainment

Founder / Owner

Planned and produced entertainment events on a variety of scales in locations across Southern Ohio.

Established the Paper City Music Festival in Chillicothe, OH as a significant annual cultural highlight. Oversaw every aspect of production, including: site selection and build out; crew selection and hiring; bringing in vendors; and contracting local, regional, and national artists to fill three days of live music and comedy.

Produced a series of smaller Paper City events during the months leading up to festival to raise awareness and involve artists whose schedules did not line up with festival timing.

Raised funding via sponsor contributions by articulating the aims, impacts, and budgets of the festival through concise, straightforward presentations and information design.

Founded the non-profit Paper City Project, Inc to increase awareness of the arts in Southern Ohio by working with other respected groups such as the Rotary Club.

apple_smallApple Inc.


Manage the flux of large quantities of delicate, valuable products through efficient and accurate handling and tracking.

Work as part of an award-winning team, honing communication skills and delivering on the high expectations of both customers and corporate leadership.


Event Management + Live Production


Meeting needs of clients and artists by providing quality live sound reinforcement, lighting, and staging.  Ability to quickly mix Front of House and/or Monitors in festival environments,  provide Lighting Design/Control, and deliver concise Stage Management.

Manage event from start to finish including artist contract negotiation, technical riders, production, advertising, sponsorships, vendors, ticketing, permits, licensing, and all other aspects of events.

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Management + Collaboration


Confidently establish lasting professional relationships with musicians, agents, venue owners, and sponsors to form a deep pool of collective talent and expertise to draw upon.

Organize cross-disciplinary teams of creative individuals, connecting artists with entrepreneurs in order to organize events which excite and enrich the community.

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Advertising + Design


Conceive and coordinate multi-pronged campaigns, addressing audiences through carefully calibrated messaging in both digital and print media.

Use analytics (google, Facebook, twitter, etc) to identify audiences and tailor messaging while maintaining a cohesive brand story across multiple media.

Craft and curate publicity materials through in-house design and artistic collaborations with photographers, printmakers, and animators.

Produced and co-directed multiple video segments for television, working with local artists to create imaginative and engaging advertising spots and music videos.

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Website + Content Management


Publish, modify, and maintain rich web content using CMS such as WordPress.  Leverage underlying web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and PHP to customize web experience.

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Layout, editing, and implementation of vector graphics to maintain clean, professional look at all sizes.


Editing of images while maintaing integrity and precision down to a single pixel.


Professional text layout, creating rich and visually pleasant documents for print or web.


Custom tailoring responsive and dynamic websites such as those driven by WordPress.

Logic Pro

Professional multi-track audio recording, editing, and mixing.

Final Cut Pro

Professional video compilation with title and transition overlays ready for various formats for viewing.

Word Processing

Conveying information through industry standard applications such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages.


Harnessing and evaluating valuable data efficiently by use of equations.


Use of and ability to quickly learn other professional products when needed.


Miami University

2009 // Oxford, Ohio

B.S. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

The Recording Workshop

2002 // Chillicothe, Ohio

Certificate of Recording Engeering



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