Advertising + Design

Event Management + ProductionManagement + CollaborationAdvertising + DesignWebsite + Content Management

Conceive and coordinate multi-pronged campaigns, addressing audiences through carefully calibrated messaging in both digital and print media.

Use analytics (google, Facebook, twitter, etc) to identify audiences and tailor messaging while maintaining a cohesive brand story across multiple media.

Craft and curate publicity materials through in-house design and artistic collaborations with photographers, printmakers, and animators.

Produced and co-directed multiple video segments for television, working with local artists to create imaginative and engaging advertising spots and music videos.

Advertising :


  • Google Ads + Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads + Boosts + Insights
  • Twitter Ads + Promoted Tweets
  • Organic Engagement via Social Media
  • Print Ads + Signage + Billboards
  • Radio + Video Advertising
  • Cross Platform Campaign Strategy



Layout, editing, and implementation of vector graphics to maintain clean, professional look at all sizes.


Editing of images while maintaing integrity and precision down to a single pixel.


Professional text layout, creating rich and visually pleasant documents for print or web.


Optimized RGB files for web devices.

Multiple layouts for variable sized devices and ads.

Interactive PDF’s.


Print ready CMYK Files for various products with proper bleeds and safety margins.

Scalable vector graphics and large format rasterized images to bring messages from small scale to billboard sized.