Management + Collaboration

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Confidently establish lasting professional relationships with musicians, agents, venue owners, and sponsors to form a deep pool of collective talent and expertise to draw upon.

Organize cross-disciplinary teams of creative individuals, connecting artists with entrepreneurs in order to organize events which excite and enrich the community.



  • Positive Leadership
  • Innovative and Efficient Thinking
  • Team Oriented
  • Strong Listener
  • Timely Decision Making
  • Gantt Chart and Scheduling
  • Provide Professional Feedback



Multilateral approach with  photographers, videographers, designers, illustrators, and programmers to complete projects with uniformity.


Provide concise workflow between creatives to meet needs of the client or business with respect to deadlines, budgets, etc.


Conveying needs of a client or business to creatives and aligning project to correct team members.

Identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing actions to reach goals.


Clear communication between departments and clients to maintain strong relationships and efficient project management.


Ability to relate to many job roles and understand challenges and realistic expectations.

Use experience to better align, motivate, and provide insight to multiple areas of a business.

Areas of Responsibility

Project Management, Event Production, Live Sound, Recording, Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising, Accounting, Negotiation, Business, Public Speaking.