Website + Content Management

Event Management + ProductionManagement + CollaborationAdvertising + DesignWebsite + Content Management

Publish, modify, and maintain rich web content using CMS such as WordPress.  Leverage underlying web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and PHP to customize web experience.



  • HTML / CSS / PHP coding to customize website experience
  • Responsive Layout to ensure pleasurable user experience on variety of devices
  • Consistent Updates to maintain web standards
  • Backup Plan to retain pertinent information and databases incase of data loss
  • Integration of 3rd Party Plugins to enhance backend operations
  • Web Store Management and integration with merchant account
  • Web Hosting and Email Management

Content Management:

Back End

Managing website elements and user roles.

Integrating powerful plugins and themes from developers.

Creating child themes for uninterrupted customization.

File Management

Manage files/folders in a simple, easy-to-understand hierarchy.

FTP user management and roles.


Establishing database connection.

Administration of MySQL Database through phpMyAdmin.

Mailing List

Collect and organize emails for updates/newsletters.

Create email campaigns with products such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.

RSS Integration

Simply and automate email campaigns with RSS feeds created on the website.


Online product management with WooCommerce.

Integrating inventory management, shipping profiles, and product SKU’s.


Use of and familiarity with the following Social Media Networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Google+

Content Integration

Creating one ecosystem between website and social media networks.

Integration of social media content on website.

Push of web content to social media.